Jimi Barbiani is a born live entertainer!!

Jimi Barbiani Band: "Boogie Down The Road-Live!"

The JBB has been
influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck and Gov't Mule.
With his new band, Barbiani is already on his third (a live) album.The JBB is a power trio that consists of bass player Daniele Vicario and drummer Gianluca Zavan.
His live album is an album with four original songs and six covers. The vocals are divided between
Barbiani and Vicario. On keys they receive support from Pietro Taucher and Nicholas Zampa.

With JL Hooker's "Boogie Chillen" Barbiani opens in a castle in Udine with lots of slides and at
high speed, his 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' "Looking For the Truth", a slow blues in which
Pietro Taucher demonstrates on keyboards and the Latino tinted, some melancholy instrumental
"Sad Soul" are Barbiani's first originals. From ZZ Top follows the boogie "La Grange" and from
Stevie Wonder the instrumental "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". Rock musician Billy Roberts'
hit "Hey Joe" was also a favorite of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and obviously did not escape
the attention of Barbiani. "Ten O'Clock Train" is Barbinai's third original. In the song you can hear
the train approaching Barbiani's slide work. Don Nix 'known' Going Down 'is almost never missing
in a live blues show and Elmore James' "Look On Yonder Wall" is also a "must" for a slide musician.
How to close better afterwards than with your own number that says a lot about you? With
"Boogie Man", Barbiani puts an end to it after more than an hour. In this long boogie he
could count on the support of keyboard player Nicholas Zampa.

Jimi Barbiani is a born live entertainer. He demonstrates this extensively on this live album.
His 'Boogie Down the Road Live!' Is an excellent blues / rock album in which Barbiani's slide
guitar plays an important role. In January Barbiani (feat Pietro Taucher) promotes his album.
A few shows are planned in the Netherlands. Check for more info and / or all tour dates
the website of the artist/band.

Eric Schuurmans / Rootstime (Belgium) (December 2017)